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Preschool Progress Screening (PPS)--Starter Set

The Preschool Progress Screening was created as a quick and easy assessment of general educational exposure, experiences and growth skills that should be present or progressing in 3-5 year olds. 

Starter Set includes:  

  • 1 User’s Manual, 
  • 20 Screening Records, 
  • 1 Set of Manipulatives
    • 6 color cards, 
    • 6 shape cards, and 
    • 15 colored blocks 

SKU Number: PP100102
Price: $86.00 


Preschool Progress Screening (PPS)--Package of 20 Parent-Teacher Reports

Use the PPS Parent-Teacher Report to assist with presenting screening results to parents.

SKU Number: PP100112
Price: $36.00 


Preschool Progress Screening (PPS)--Package of 20 Child Screening Records

Package of 20 Screening Records

SKU Number: PP100190
Price: $36.00 


Preschool Progress Screening (PPS)--Additional User's Manual

The User’s Manual provides instructions for administering and scoring the screening.

SKU Number: PP100104
Price: $17.00 

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