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Comprehensive Identification Process (CIP)


CIP Screening Kit/Form 750R

Complete Kit includes: 1 Administration Manual; 1 Interviewer's Manual; 1 Screening Booklet; 1 Symbol Booklet; 35 Parent Interview Forms; 35 Observation of Behavior Forms; 35 Speech and Expressive Language Forms; 35 Child Record Folders; 1 Circle Pad (40 sheets) 1 carrying case; 1 10-inch cloth doll; 1 die-cut manipulation board; 1 children's book with thick pages; 1 primary pencil; 1 spool of thread; 1 nut and bolt; 1 soft sponge; 1 set of small toys; 1 set of cutout shapes; 1 small plastic cup; 1 pair of child safety scissors; 12 blocks (6 green, 2 red, 2 yellow, 2 blue); 1 large foam rubber ball; 1 small rubber ball; 10 beads with 2 laces for stringing; 12 buttons (6 black, 6 white); 1 covered box for buttons; 1 piece of cloth with a button and buttonhole; 1 toy table; 1 key; 1 spoon; 2 dowel rods (different lengths); 1 box of crayons
SKU Number: CP177750
Price:   $250.00 


CIP Parent Interview Forms/Form 751R

Package of 35 Parent Interview Forms/Form 751R
SKU Number: CP177751
Price:   $30.00 


CIP Observation of Behavior Forms/Form 752R

Package of 35 Observation of Behavior Forms/Form 752R
SKU Number: CP177752
Price:   $30.00 


CIP Speech and Expressive Language Forms/Form 753R

Package of 35 Speech and Expressive Language Forms/Form 753R
SKU Number: CP177753
Price:   $30.00 


CIP Child Record Folders/Form 754R

Package of 35 Child Record Folders/Form 754R
SKU Number: CP177754
Price:   $50.00 


CIP Screening Booklet/Form 755R

1 Screening Booklet/Form 755R
SKU Number: CP177755
Price:   $30.00 


CIP Symbol Booklet/Form 756R

1 Symbol Booklet/Form 756R
SKU Number: CP177756
Price:   $50.00 


CIP Interviewer's Manual/Form 757R

1 Interviewer's Manual/Form 757R
SKU Number: CP177757
Price:   $30.00 


CIP Administrator's Manual/Form 758R

1 Administrator's Manual/Form 758R
SKU Number: CP177758
Price:   $30.00 


CIP Circle Pad/Form 786

1 Circle Pad/Form 786
SKU Number: CP107786
Price:   $20.00 

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