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Learning and Using Primes, Fractions, and Decimals Creatively - Product Image

Learning and Using Primes, Fractions, and Decimals Creatively

The final book in the series, Learning and Using Primes, Fractions, and Decimals Creatively, discusses creative procedures for solving mathematics situations involving these troubling concepts. Authors: E. Paul Torrance & Fredricka K. Reisman
SKU Number: TM103288
Price: $12.00 

Surprise in the Middle - Product Image

Surprise in the Middle

Following directions will lead to unexpected fun when using these drawing activities to teach careful listening. The "surprise" comes when students use their own ideas to finish the drawing.
SKU Number: BK1TM003
Price: $12.00 

Loosen Up! - Product Image

Loosen Up!

Encourage young perfectionists to think outside the box with this collection of 31 drawing, cutting, and folding exercises. This booklet is perfect for students who need encouragement to attempt creative projects without the fear of making mistakes.
SKU Number: BK1TM001
Price: $12.00 

Just Write! - Product Image

Just Write!

Writing assignments don't have to be intimidating. This series of activities helps students write about what they know in order to gain confidence in their writing skills. A teacher page with tips and suggested answers is also included.
SKU Number: BK1TM002
Price: $15.00 

How Would That Look? - Product Image

How Would That Look?

Challenging scenarios offer students 100 ways to exercise their visualization and problem solving skills.
SKU Number: BK1TM004
Price: $10.00 

Daily Bite: Level 5 - Product Image

Daily Bite: Level 5

Daily Bite Level 5: Daily Bite Level 5 binder contains 180 days of quick, daily reviews on ready to use transparencies. The program integrates five subject areas including language, analogies, geography, mathematics, and patterning. Daily Bite Level 5 is designed to teach through repeated exposure to similar content. The product can also be used as a daily reinforcement of subject areas, an efficient assessment of your student's mastery of the disciplines or as a tool to help focus your students prior to instruction.
SKU Number: DB150024
Price: $98.95 
Quantity Available:  1

Everyday Creativity - Product Image

Everyday Creativity

Everyday Creativity: An Easy-to-Read Guide is "a guide to help you tap your everyday creativity and to give you ideas for helping others tap theirs." The author explores how adult leaders, who within the context of the book can be teachers, parents, mentors, coaches, etc., can foster creativity development in themselves and others through activities, teaching methods, motivation, and positive thinking. Author: Kathy Goff
SKU Number: TT100509
Price: $13.35 

Exiting from Within - Product Image

Exiting from Within

The World of Highly Creative and Gifted Children is based on the author's interviews and observations of three gifted children at their homes, schools and social lives for the purpose of finding the common links within their domains. This book is a practical, authentic resource for parents and teachers. Author: H. Tammy Safter
SKU Number: EX100200
Price: $21.95 

Not Just Schoolwork - Product Image

Not Just Schoolwork

The unique, engrossing ideas in Not Just Schoolwork help students relate experiences to creative writing and thinking. Authors: Amy Maid & Nathan Levy
SKU Number: NL110022
Price: $35.00 

Write, from the Beginning - Product Image

Write, from the Beginning

Over 100 Activities For Critical & Written Expression. This book of writing/thinking activities can be used for students in lower and upper grades to create an interest in creative, high-level writing. Each activity has several options depending on the abilities of children. These delightful exercises can be duplicated, and they have moved away from the old formats to something more exciting for each child. Write, from the Beginning may be used in grades three through high school. 2004 - Revised Edition Author: Amy Burke and Nathan Levy
SKU Number: NL120022
Price: $24.95 


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